Free yourself from the ladder.

The bravest leaders step off the ladder to embark on bolder adventures.
The smart ones get a compass first.


High-performing individuals have a few striking similarities. The qualities that have led them to greatness now prevent them from getting further. And with dissatisfaction, they notice their lives not being filled with the same depth of joy they observe in others.

I've developed 3 coaching programmes​

for leaders who are looking for deep, systemic growth. If the last few years have been a pattern of internal friction that’s not like your life before, and you’re looking for movement, then you are probably ready for effective personal coaching.

I'm ambitious and resourceful.
But I feel a deep sense of weariness.

You’re a highly ambitious senior leader or entrepreneur, but you also find yourself procrastinating even the tasks you know you can accomplish. You feel like you’re doing so much, but always falling short because you’re just too tired. Your threshold for burning out is getting lower and lower; now, it feels as if anything could cause you to come crashing down. You have a million things to do, yet you struggle to jump out of bed. It doesn’t feel like before. Yet, you can’t stop.

you can

  • Face each day refreshed, positive and steadfast
  • Unify your conflicting belief system so that you stop getting in your own way
  • Resolve blockers to mobilise and direct your energy towards progress, not internal battles
  • Integrate your fears so that they work for you, not as obstacles
  • Discover the deeper levels of what uniquely and positively motivates you
  • Understand how to harmonise your life without compromising your ambition
  • Create a blueprint of how you can renew your “sprinting” and “marathon” energy, time and again
  • Move from coping to thriving


Cultivate Limitless Energy

The demands on leaders are immense, whether you’re an entrepreneur, or in senior leadership. 

Most leaders admit to being weary, burnt out, and running on an empty tank. Yet some leaders are always full of energy, positivity. 

What’s the difference? And can you alter your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours so that you constantly have the energy and positivity to face the day and achieve all you want?

The answer is a confident ‘yes’.

Imagine you’re a ship going full steam ahead. There are internal beliefs, fears and other blockers depleting your energy faster than you can refill your tank. These are like anchors, still dragging along the sea bed as you’re trying to sail forward. Through a nourishing yet accountability-focused style of coaching, we will identify and resolve these heavy anchors of retroflection.

Once addressed, we will discover where your positive, driving energy comes from – the eternal reservoir from which you can refuel. 

You will not learn how to have more energy for the current moment – before it gets depleted again. You will be guided to remove energy-depleters, and create your own blueprint of renewing energy, so that you can tap into it anytime you need.

I can accomplish any goal I decide to.
But when I'm still, all I feel is empty.

Knowing how to achieve big goals is not your issue. You can focus, dig deep, and come out the winner. You even let loose sometimes and play hard. So you’re supposed to be balanced, right? So why – despite your achievements and lifestyle – do you feel empty? That’s on a good day. On others, you’re nihilistic, questioning the point of it all. You’re always jumping from project to self-destruct behaviours, crashing, and repeating it all over again. You may feel like you’re always running.

If you’re honest with yourself, you aren’t driven by feelings of positivity or greater good. It feels more like something dark drives you. You never rest with a true sense of calm, peace, and safety. You’re lonely, even amongst people. You aren’t connected to anyone, not even your deepest self. When you introspect, the closest authentic feeling you get to is ‘empty’. 

you can

  • Go through life with an inner sense of peace and calm
  • Understand deep-rooted values that both help you and hold you back
  • Build more meaningful, lasting relationships with others, no more explosive fights or shutting down
  • Stop thinking in just black and white, so that you can experience the joy of colour in your life
  • Rebuild a solid sense of self-perception, esteem, confidence and worth that does not rely on your achievements
  • Open up another dimension within yourself and expand into more nuanced self-identity
  • Develop a true sense of authentic empathy and compassion, for others, and yourself


Restore Connection and Foundational Calm

Many senior leaders and entrepreneurs have an extra spark within them, that allows them to push through adversity, face challenges head on, and appear to live life to the fullest.

What’s less obvious is that many leaders have anxious, unsettled, or empty inner lives. When asked about themselves outside of their goals, they shirk away from meaningful conversations. When encouraged to talk about their feelings, they close up and shut down. 

How can someone appear so high-functioning on the outside, but be crumbling on the inside? And is it even possible to stay as successful, yet have a rich inner life easily connecting with others on the deepest levels, having healthy, equal relationships, belonging and being validated for being yourselfoutside of your achievements?

It is a tough journey that requires work, but it is well within reach. This coaching style follows that of a sherpa, leading and supporting you as we walk into that dark void you’ve been avoiding. Together, we will illuminate this space without judgement, clear the cobwebs, and open the sides of yourself you have been denying all this time – with courage, compassion, and determination.

I followed the rules and made it to the top.
But I have no idea what's next.

When you were younger, you set your eyes on a target, and it never left your sight. Your steely determination was admired by your peers as you climbed one rung of the ladder after another, without fail. You’re nearing the top or already there, yet it doesn’t feel different. You thought there would be more – what exactly, you don’t know.

Your energy is still high, and your ambition undeterred, but somehow your pursuit feels empty. It feels meaningless, even frivolous at times. You possibly could have achieved all your goals, at least professionally. Yet after all this time, you haven’t found your purpose, you’re looking around for another goal, and feel a sense of dread – what if this is all there is? No direction seems right, and deep inside you feel lost, even though you appear as sure as always.

you can

  • Identify goals that are yours alone, not something you were made to chase by someone else
  • Explore the life-shaping narratives of your past to retrieve clues about what will fire you up with purpose in your future
  • Deep-diving into aspects of your identity that you haven’t given yourself the chance to discover and fully develop
  • Push into a high-growth state of living to break free from old, safe patterns so as to successfully be able to step into the shoes of someone with purpose
  • Clarify past and current drivers to illuminate your journey thus far, so that you can steer back on course
  • Remove the internalised fears and blockers that have prevented you from leaning into exciting goals


Uncover Profound,
Personal Purpose

Very few people end up as a successful senior leader or entrepreneur, but here you are. You’re proud of yourself, and you’ve proven yourself – both to others and within. What now?

Numerous successful leaders are amazing at achieving goals. But goals are not purpose. Purpose is larger than the self; it is ever-evolving, meaningful, and very personal. These people may be highly skilled, but they aren’t particularly inspiring; if we removed their long list of achievements and asked them what they stood for, they couldn’t tell us.

The most appropriate coaching style is one that consistently and safely pushes your boundaries. You’re extremely capable, but you’ve accepted and internalised goals society or authority figures set for you early on, and have not fully developed your own narrative.

Not all challenges are equal. What’s challenging to one person may be completely irrelevant to another. The right challenge, one that is authentic and individual to you, is what will imbue you with a sense of purpose. 

The key to this story lies in connecting your unique past, to an equally unique future. We uncover the pivotal moments and beliefs that make you special, so you can chart a direct path to your next challenge – and finally apply your amazing attitude and skills to unleash a life of passion, inspiration, and enthusiasm, one that you’ve often admired from afar and can now courageously step into yourself.

A Different Coaching Experience

No Force-fitting Framework

Most coaches learn a few frameworks to unlock qualities like productivity, leadership and pushing personal boundaries, then teach clients the framework, while holding them accountable to results. I focus on gently but firmly uprooting deeper, unhelpful and unhealthy systems within, thaamazot are almost always in your blindspots. Then, we work together to swap them out with healthier patterns that when internalised, open up additional doors to life that have been suppressed, often for decades.

No Force-fitting Framework

Only for leaders who desire deep, systemic, internal change

I only work with senior leadership and long-time entrepreneurs, as I focus on only 3 main problem areas I’ve seen manifest in highly successful and ambitious people time and again. It’s my belief that you already have the skills within yourself to achieve anything you set out to – you don’t need my help for that. I’m here for leaders who realise they have internal blockers preventing them from making lasting change in their own lives. I help break old patterns through illumination, support, structure, and personal accountability for the people who are determined to remove themselves from a circular loop they no longer believe is healthy to repeat.

Only for leaders who desire deep, systemic, internal change

You are expected to work hard if you want lasting results

I only work with clients who are committed to coming out with deep, lasting life change. If you’re not yet ready, then we aren’t a good fit right now. There is no magic pill – this is hard work. It’s probably long overdue work on the self. This is not talk therapy; I use an extremely targeted coaching style, with a focus on results, so I won’t hesitate to keep us on course. You will be required to actively work with me so that you can successfully change the areas of your life that are preventing you from achieving a consistent, harmonised state of purpose, joy, and peace. In return, I will fully invest in helping you get there.

You are expected to work hard if you want lasting results